Powerful ao posted Oct 18, 16

SV raids Tues, Wed, Thur at 8:30pm Eastern.  Our current class needs are listed to the right.  If your class isn't listed, we're always on the lookout for exceptional people that have previous raid experience and can maintain high attendance.  If you have questions, contact Powerful, Lanedora, Isadora or Tarkkin to discuss them. Submit your application here.

Trakanon Dead.

Powerful ao posted Jun 14, 17

We finally got some new content, broken of course.  After Daybreak fixed everything, Scarlet Vengeance headed into Old Sebilis to take on Trakanon.  Couple of attempts later, he was dead.  Good job everyone.  Obligatory pics.

Empires of Kunark complete

Powerful ao posted Feb 24, 17

With the defeat of Atrebe Sathir, Scarlet Vengeance puts another expansion to rest.  Excellent work folks.

An Ancient Dragon is dead

Powerful ao posted Feb 22, 17

After a lot of deaths on our part, we finally returned the favor and put Ancient Dragon down.  Way to hang in there everyone.