Powerful ao posted Oct 18, 16

SV raids Tues, Wed, Thur at 8:30pm Eastern.  Our current class needs are listed to the right.  Tank spots are limited.  If your class isn't listed, we're always on the lookout for exceptional people that have previous raid experience and can maintain high attendance.  If you have questions, contact Powerful, Lanedora, Isadora or Tarkkin to discuss them. Submit your application here.

After our win last week in Esianti, we headed into Empyr with a few more flags to take on Prince Ralaifin and The Conflagrant Generals.  It took us a few attempts, but we got both of them down.  Good job guys.

Moon Serf Down

Powerful ao posted Jan 30, 19

We took our first look at T2 tonight.  While we still had a lack of flags, we managed to down the Esianti event after a few attempts with 46 folks.  Nice work SV.

General Reparm Dead

Powerful ao posted Dec 12, 18

Hammering through broken content to be able to request the raid, we took this guy down tonight.  Good job to everyone for another Tier 1 win.  Obligatory pic.