Powerful ao posted Oct 18, 16

SV raids Tues, Wed, Thur at 8:30pm Eastern.  Our current class needs are listed to the right.  Tank spots are limited.  If your class isn't listed, we're always on the lookout for exceptional people that have previous raid experience and can maintain high attendance.  If you have questions, contact Powerful, Lanedora, Isadora or Tarkkin to discuss them. Submit your application here.

Our first venture into Tier 3 of the TBL expansion and we soundly defeated the guardian of Aalishai on the first attempt.  Just Mearatas to go.  Good job everyone.

EverQuest's 20th Anniversary brought us the long awaited Gnome Memorial Mountain zone.  It was nice to have a little break from progression to enjoy the new raids.  In typical SV fashion, we swiftly brought an end to the enemies within.  Good job guys.

After our win last week in Esianti, we headed into Empyr with a few more flags to take on Prince Ralaifin and The Conflagrant Generals.  It took us a few attempts, but we got both of them down.  Good job guys.