Scarlet Vengeance is an end-game raiding guild on the Rathe server. We are constantly looking to augment our ranks with highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated raiders.

Guild Leadership and Policies

Guild Leader: Powerful

Officers: Lanedora, Isadora, Tarkkin, Mauuler

Raiding Schedule: Our current raiding schedule is Tuesday through Thursday, 8:30PM to 11:30PM Eastern. Members are expected to be in the raid and at the designated gathering spot by 8:20PM Eastern.

Loot System: We operate on a time-based dkp loot system. DKP is earned at a rate of 1dkp every 10 mins while in the raid. Loot is distributed by blind bids for each item. Applicants can get items when they are passed on by full members.

Attendance Policy: Members are expected to maintain a 70% raid attendance. Falling below 70% will limit your ability to bid on loot. If your 90 day attendance falls to zero, you will be removed from the raiding roster. If you are online during raid times, it is required that you be at the raid.

Trial Period: Application trial period will be as long as it takes for us to properly evaluate you.

Additional: Members are expected to complete all relevant flagging/achievement requirements in a timely manner, and the use of '/anonymous' by any character wearing the guild tag is strictly forbidden.

Application Requirements

** If you do not meet one or more of these requirements, please talk to an officer before submitting your application.

Class Open: Please check our home page to see what classes we're currently recruiting.

Level Requirement: 110.

AA Requirement: Dependent on class, but we expect your character to have maxed out all ranks of useful abilities that will allow you to perform well on raids.

High Playtime: All applicants and members are expected to improve their characters outside of raids.

Raid Utility: You must have access to a fast form of shrink and invisibility, whether through spells, AAs, potions, or items.

Audio Triggers: You must be familiar with and make use of audio triggers (GINA is highly recommended).

Additional: Prior raiding experience is not essential, but adaptability, willingness to learn, and the ability to follow instructions are all absolutely vital.

EoK/RoS Specific: Essence of the Dragon I and VP key achievements must be finished before your app period is over.

Full Committment: All applicants must be fully committed to Scarlet Vengeance and have all their alts in the guild. Raiding with other guilds, on alts, during progression is prohibited.