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Gnomeer 107 mage

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Name: Gnomeer



AA Count:17K

Prior guild history (and reasons for leaving):Protectors of chipmunk was in for a year, basically to solo and get around. was in frayed knot, I left because i thought others were getting prefresntial treatment by an officer, over a few years ago

Past raiding experience: raided on my cleric snorrin and pally horrin in the early days of eq, took a break for a few years and tried to raid with my zerker

Can you make our raid times? What is your projected raid attendance? yes, at least two days a week

Why do you want to join Scarlet Vengeance? bloodburn

While talking in Discord is not a requirement, are you willing to download Discord to listen to raid instructions? yes, as long as i dont have to talk much

List anything else you want us to know: I like to play and have fun, dont enjoy drama or beefs
Posted Nov 4, 18 · OP
We haven't heard back from you after we reached out with a 1 month opportunity to get to a raidable level as a friend's and family member.

We will consider the application closed by the end of the week. Please reach out here on the forums or on live/beta if you wish to continue.
Posted Nov 28, 18