New Expansion Launch

Powerful ao posted Dec 11, 18

Today saw the release of EverQuest's 25th expansion, The Burning Lands.  Before the evening was over, we'd conquered Stratos and Plane of Smoke.  Good job guys.

And then there were none

Powerful ao posted Apr 11, 18

With the defeat of Silverwing, Xygoz, and Talendor this evening, Scarlet Vengeance completed the Ring of Scale expansion.  The wins secured our spot in the top 10 across all servers.  Good job all.

Obligatory pics.

One down, three to go

Powerful ao posted Apr 4, 18

With the defeat of Hoshkar tonight, only three dragons stand in our way until expansion completion.  We're coming for you Xygoz, Silverwing and Talendor.